We're an all-volunteer, Non-Profit Public Charity

The Farmington & Farmington Hills Xemplar Club meets each Wednesday when our schools are in session, from early September through mid-June for lunch at Cowley's Pub/Restaurant in downtown Farmington, Michigan. Each meeting is filled with fellowship, fun and education, with a different guest speaker presenting each week. The Club also hosts a number of special events for our members including a holiday grab bag gift luncheon, a theatre night at the Farmington Players Barn, a group outing to Comerica Park for a Tiger's game, and a Valentine's Sweetheart Dinner.

The Xemplar Club and our affiliated Xemplar Foundation are both tax-exempt (501c3) non-profit public charities, committed to serving families, seniors and youth in Farmington and Farmington Hills, particularly those who are considered at-risk. Donations to the Xemplar Club are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by IRS tax code. In June of each year, we raise funds through the Xemplar Club Signature Golf Classic held at Farmington Hills Golf Club, which we in turn donate to numerous charitable organizations in the community. On Memorial Day, our organization hosts the Farmington Memorial Day Parade, and also distribute over 4,000 American flags to children along the parade route.

Our club is made up of individuals from all walks of life in the community including doctors, judges, business owners, retirees, and school officials.  New members are always welcome and we encourage you to consider joining what we believe is the finest service organization in the State of Michigan, the Farmington & Farmington Hills Xemplar Club.

Kevin Christiansen, 2017-18 Xemplar Club President

We're New, But We've Been Around A Long Time

Our club was formed in 2010 by 73 members of a local chapter of a national service organization.While we valued our long relationship with the previous organization, our members felt we could better serve our local community by becoming an independent organization. Our members have always unselfishly served our community and worked to improve the quality of life. Our sponsored programs and projects have made a considerable impact on our community, enhancing the lives of countless men, women and children. In January of 2010, our members voted to become an independent community service organization, and formed the Xemplar Club of Farmington & Farmington Hills.

Thursday the 23rd. Serving children, families and seniors, especially those considered at-risk.